The products of the company “BINOKL” are manufactured of high quality external raw materials (inter alia importation, from Italian world largest manufacturer, of cellulose acetate sheets purposive to the production of milled frames, and of cellulose acetate granulate purposive to the production of injection frames).

Metal components are inter alia imported out of France (also from the world leading manufacturer). All the basic raw materials hold European certificates of quality and are produced in ISO system.


THE MILLED FRAMES are produced using milling method in highly modern technology, are designed and treated on a computer milling center originated from an Italian company TVM, with controlling system originated from the company FANUC (Japan).

The company „BINOKL” is the only owner of such a center in Poland and one of few in Europe. This method allows the production of spectacle frames in a high quality and with great precision, and permits also a rapid adaptation to new trends of styling. Thanks to using the techniques of CAD/CAM (computer helping system for designing and production), it is possible to make short series and customized orders (models on order).

Computer milling center
Injection machines controlled numerically and at computer


THE INJECTED FRAMES are produced using injection method on injection machines – full automats – controlled numerically and at computer, derived from a German company ARBURG. In this branch, the company „BINOKL” is the only owner of such a center in Poland and one of few in Europe. The injection machines assure the preservation of temperature, pressure and humidity of the injection, which ensures durability and aesthetics of performance to the finished frames. The injection moulds performed in precision cause that the frames leaving the injection machines are fully formed, which facilitates further work of the optician at framing lenses. In order to give brilliance and to preserve the frames from scratching, they are covered with high quality imported lacquers.


THE SUNGLASSES are manufactured using milling or injection method for the frames. High quality attested lenses CR with different color shades are mounted to them. They are used for high quality certified Italian CR glass in different shades.

Presentation Lenses

Presentation Lenses

Presentation lenses are produced from Polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA).

The lenses are made in diameters Ø 62 mm and 70 mm and thickness 1.1 mm.

Lenses with a diameter of Ø 70 mm and a thickness of 2 mm can be made on request.

Explanation of Catalog Model symbols

M – Injection housing
F – Milled frame
F – Flex frame

The colours of the frames, which can be seen in the present URL, can not be associated to a specific model and can differ from the colours of the frames in delivery.